Multiline calculator. Calculation as document. Creating, saving, deleting.
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Calculation as document

Think of your calculations as documents accessible in the program. Any time you create a calculation and then try to exit the program without saving it, you'll be asked the following question:
"Document was modified! Save changes ?"
Choose Yes to save your calculation or No if you don't want to save it. 

ECalcpad offers storing calculations as separate documents in a database. These are the buttons for working with calculation documents:

маркированный список Button_New.gif (75 bytes) - use Blank button to create a new calculation.
маркированный список Button_Save.gif (125 bytes) - use Save button to save your current calculation.

You can delete an existing (and loaded) calculation by selecting item in Calculation menu.

There are two ways of loading an existing calculation for editing, printing, exporting or deleting.

1. Load it from explorer with Button_Open.gif (98 bytes) button. Your calculation tree will appear for you to choose the calculation you need
2. Call search function with Button_Find.gif (98 bytes) button. Then, simply  find a calculation and load it into the program.