Calculator analitical (code, number, income, expences, plan, report, theme, group) properties
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Number, date and analytical properties of a calculation

You can define number, date, theme, group, relations to "plan/report" and "income/expenses" properties for each calculation. Click Button_Properties.gif (104 bytes) button. 

ECalcPad_Prop.gif (11987 bytes)

Type a code and a date. The program doesn't check for unique values. Make sure to perform this check yourself.

To change a topic or a group or to create a new topic or a group, call a list with the button located next to the topic or list name field. You can sort rows in the list by clicking column headers. Also, you can search a row by first symbols in code/ name or by a substring. Just begin to type in a text when the code or name column is selected.

ECalcPad_Themes.gif (11364 bytes)

If you want to change a topic/group code or a topic/group name in the list, click "edit" below.

When the needed topic or group is found in the list, click "select" and it will appear in calculation properties.

To search by first symbols do not call a list. Just begin to type topic/group name in name field of window with calculation properties. A list of a matches will be shown for each entered symbol.

ECalcPad_Prop1.gif (11760 bytes)

If you know the topic/group code, just type it in a code field of the properties window. The calculator will search for a topic or a group with this code.

Besides, you can find a calculation by analytical properties in explorer or via searching means.