Multiline extended calculator and notepad. Simple text in a calculation
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Simple text in a calculation

Any row with empty "Variable" cell is treated as a simple text in "Expression" cell. The row will be colored green.

ECalcPad_Text.gif (8399 bytes)

To create a text row, you can:

маркированный список Click Button_Text.gif (149 bytes) button. An empty text row will be added after the current row.
маркированный список Clear the "Variable" cell in existing row.
маркированный список Press "Enter" at the end of the text in an existing text row

Maximum length of an "Expression" cell is 200 characters. Set maximum size of the calculator window and text cell size will be increased. You can change size and order of any column in your calculation. Drag a column and drop it before another one to change column order. Drag right border of a column to change its size.