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User-defined variables.

Are you sure you will remember all figures when you really need them? Can you memorize hundreds of values (tax, currency, bank rates or salary of your 100 employees)?

Just create "user-defined variables" containing these values and use them in any calculation you need. Click "Insert variable" button when "expression" cell is active in your calculation. The list of user-defined variables will appear:

ECalcPad_UDV1.gif (9778 bytes)

To add a new variable, click "New". By default the list is read-only. When you click "New" button, a blank record will appear in the list, and you'll be able to change its value. To edit variables and their values, click "Edit" button. Any changes will be allowed.

Select the needed variable from the list and click "Ok". The selected variable will be inserted into expression line of your current calculation. Its value is now available in your calculation.