Calculator extended. Patterns. Creating and using.
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Creating and using patterns.

If you use some algorythms of a calculation very often, you won't have to do monkey work again and again. Create a pattern and apply it to any further calculations.
Create a calculation with a universal useful algorythm (e.g.  sample mortgage calculation). Specify a name and default analytical properties. Then click menu option "Patterns"  and select "Save current calculation as pattern". "Save as pattern" menu item is enabled only when the calculation is a saved document (not a blank).

ECalcPad_Patterns.gif (9228 bytes)

You can apply patterns to a blank only. Create a new calculation with Button_New.gif (75 bytes) button. While the calculation is still not saved, click "Patterns" menu option.  "Load a pattern..." submenu item is now enabled. Select it to call your patterns list.

ECalcPad_SelPattern.gif (10934 bytes)

Select a needed pattern from the list and click Ok. Any items and analytical properties will be copied from a pattern into a document.