Calorie calculation
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Calorie calculation

Do you want to know how many calories you eat ? ECalcPad can help to calculate it and keep your breakfasts, dinners, suppers, lunches for many days into database. ECalcPad has a following means for this purpose:

Create a new calculation and select a "Calorie calculator" style. A panel with additional buttons appear and a list of items will has a columns:

You can create a dish manually in calculation or select a pattern of a dish from created earlier dishes list. When you select a food or a dish from list into calculation then ECalcPad will insert a dish total and calculation summary lines.

ECalcPad_Calorie1.gif (20161 bytes)

A name of a calculation is a name of person. You can type a new person o select a person from saved calculations.

Pay attention to data field and a list of: Breakfast, Dinner, ... in left panel. You can group a saved calculations by this properties in explorer, Excel and searching means.

Also you can recalculate a weight and calories for any food in a calculation with using of other (not default) measures, but this measures must be added into foods list before. Use a "Food weight" button.

When a "Calorie calculator" style is selected then you can export a calculations for a dates interval into Excel and further - group they and build a charts.

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