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Exploring calculations

Call the explorer with Button_Open.gif (98 bytes) button . If you have "Windows common controls" installed on your computer then you will see:

ECalcPad_Explorer.gif (23416 bytes)

Explorer helps you access all existing calculations grouped by analytical properties. Expand nodes of the tree and choose the one you need. All calculations belonging to the selected group will appear in the right part of the window.

You may change the list of properties and reorder them in the tree with Button_Tree.gif (102 bytes) button.

ECalcPad_Explorer1.gif (17413 bytes)

To load a calculation for editing, printing or deleting, select it in the right part of the window and click Open button.

!!! But

If you have not a "Windows common controls" installed in the computer then you can just search and select a saved calculation from a flat list which looks like:

ECalcPad_Explorer2.gif (10097 bytes)


After you made few calls of this list for opening a document a program will offer:

ECalcPad_Explorer3.gif (7195 bytes)

Click Yes, then download MSComCtl.exe and execute it.

Download "Windows common controls" now