Data Map and Logon

    The first thing you should do after launching Dataodyssey Express is to connect to a data source with the DATAMAP internal alias.

    If it is the first time you launch Dataodyssey Express, the DATAMAP data source is unlikely to be already defined. You should connect to any data source, that has fastest connection or is physically located closest to the majority of data you want to analyze. After connecting Dataodyssey Express creates all the essential system tables in the data source. These are: the list of data sources; the list of data model templates; headers; models; the structure of remote mission plans; cubes; the list of missions; relations of remote reports, etc.

    If you have decided on a source to store the data map, you should know how to connect to it. The first things you need to connect are a user name and password. Type them in the dialog box and click Edit connection properties.

    Then select a data source type and type a valid connection string.

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0}; Server=dataodyssey; Database=DSP; uid=<app_uid>; pwd=<app_pwd>

    For example, you are trying to use a "DSP" database, located on an SQL Server called "dataodyssey" (IP-address can be used instead of the server name). The connection string will look like:

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0}; Server=dataodyssey; Database=DSP; uid=<app_uid>; pwd=<app_pwd>

    !!! Make sure SQL Server Native Client 2008 is installed onto your computer! This driver isn't included into MDAC and operation systems up to Windows 7. You can download driver installation from here (win32) or Microsoft site !

    You can type the user name and password straight in the connection string, but that will not be a good thing in terms of security. According to the special rules, use the syntax: <app_uid> and <app_pwd>. When connecting to a data source, Dataodyssey Express will substitute the user name and password, entered at logon for these two constructions.

    Read about the methods of connecting to other data sources in this manual.

    If the connection string is valid, the program will successfully connect to the data source, check the existing system tables and create the missing ones.

    After a successful start of Dataodyssey Express, the Gattaca window used to create and manage missions appears.

    If there are already created remote reports, the program will list the reports, suggesting that an end-user should start working with them.         Contents