Detailed Mission

    Detailed mission looks like an explorer. In the left part Dataodyssey creates the tree of selected dimensions. The tree has hierarchy depending on the order of dimensions you have selected. When you click a tree branch, the program shows its details on the right.

    Thus, when you create a new mission or submission, you must specify the order of dimensions and the order of details the fields to be displayed on the right.

    The tree of dimensions can have several levels. Practically you group data by a random list of fields with random nesting. After you have selected another branch, the program generates a retrieval condition for the data relating this tree item only. You can retrieve details for any hierarchy level, not necessarily for the innermost. When the details have been retrieved, you can:

    After you change the column order or width the program will remember these parameters and apply them for the details of another tree item.

    If you need to analyze the current tree branch related data more thoroughly, you can create a summary mission or a detailed submission that will by default contain a filter condition to retrieve the parent tree branch related data only.

    Detailed missions cannot be used in reports. Use summary missions.         Contents