Exporting Onscreen Data





    In most cases, when there is a table with data on screen, you can see the button (missions and query forms). Using it, you can export data from the table on screen to a previously defined data source (except Microsoft Access). You will see the following dialog box:

You can:

    You will have to select a data source and enter a table name.

    The exported table can be viewed using the instruments from the \Tools menu.

    Attention! If the data contains large MEMO and GENERAL fields, exporting it to particular data sources (QL+IIS+HTTP, ORACLE, Dataodyssey Expres Server+ HTTP+IIS) will be performed in stages, and the key fields will come in handy. If there are no key fields specified, Dataodyssey Express will add a supplementary key field to the result table and waste no time removing it after.

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