Exporting to Excel





    You can export data from detailed and summary mission tables to Microsoft Excel. Click the button. The program will create a new Excel book and a worksheet. The data will be exported in current sorting.

    There is also an opportunity to fill a particular cell range of an already opened Excel book. Select the opened Excel book, the required sheet and cell, which will be top-left. Click to open a dialogue box, where you can:


Data exporting and filling of Excel cells can be performed not only from missions, but from query forms either. Use the Export button to do it.

    Attention! Only the books of the first opened Excel instance can be used. If you have several instances opened from the desktop or Windows Start menu, the successive instances will not be accessible from Dataodyssey Express. If you need to open several Excel books, do it by clicking them twice in the explorer. Excel will open several books, but in the same instance, making all of them accessible from Dataodyssey Express.

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