Gattaca Navigation

    Gattaca in Dataodyssey Express is the mission control window, which appears docked on the left when the program starts. If closed, it can be later opened with the help of the \View\... menu item.


Gattaca contains:

    When you open lots of missions in several windows, it gets harder to find the required mission. All these missions will have a tree view and their order will correspond to the history of creating them one from another. Find the required mission in Gattaca and click it. Gattaca will raise this mission window and display the page with the selected mission.

    The names of detailed missions in Gattaca are of blue color, summary missions of green.

    The name of the selected mission will be displayed in a special area below the tree.


Gattaca - the favourite film by Andrew Niccol.

"You want to know how I did it?
This is how I did it. I never saved anything for the swim back!"         Contents