Saving Mission Plans

    If you repeatedly create a homogeneous mission, you can save its plan to quickly create missions from. Use the button in the Gattaca window to save current mission as a plan. The following dialog box appears:

    Plans and reports can be remote or local. A remote plan or report is saved in the DATAMAP source and is accessible from any computer. Local plans and reports are saved in the current directory on your computer and are accessible from this computer only.

    If the mission you want to save as a plan has parent missions, you can save them all in the same plan.

    Type the plan name.

    You should also specify mission/report destination code for the plan. Destinations are listed in a special table and are criteria for grouping missions/reports. List there real destinations and themes. In the Save plan dialog box the list of destinations is located below the plan name. The buttons located above the list of destinations allow to create new destinations, edit or remove the existing ones. The red arrow button allows to add current destination to mission plan properties.

    Click the Save button.

    Missions of a plan can be edited separately. Select \Space\Edit mission of plan... The mission search request form will appear. Click Select if you do not have many saved plans, but you will have to create a filter condition first if the number of plans is large.

    Find the necessary mission and click Ok. The mission will be loaded to a form like the mission creation dialog box. The difference is that:

    If you have made changes to the mission structure, the mission must be executed to save them. Click Next. The result of the mission will be shown in the same window with the Back button instead of Next.

    The Save button is accessible only in this state, when the mission result is seen.

    The next time you create a mission you can use a certain plan instead of repeating multiple actions. Click the button in the Gattaca window. Select either local or remote type on the drop-down menu to see the filter condition and query result in the same window. But the list of found items will contain only plan names and no missions.

    If you see the plan you need in query results, select it and click Ok. Dataodyssey Express will create a new mission from this plan in a new window.

    Summary mission plans can be used in reports.

    You can remove a plan clicking \Mission\Delete mission plan... Before removing the program checks if the plan is referenced from reports. If so, the removing will terminate.         Table of contents