Making Submissions

    You can create many nesting levels of submissions. Select a tree branch of a detailed mission or summary mission row and click in the current mission management window. The program will suggest creating a submission with a filter condition to retrieve the data relating only to the tree item (detailed mission) or to the row (summary mission) of the parent mission. For example, you created a detailed mission, in which data is grouped by warehouse number and customer code inside. Click, but do not expand the branch of warehouse 2, selecting no concrete customer in the warehouse. The new submission's filter condition will be:

    A special element is used for conditions of a parent mission tree branch. You can only remove its rows. Creating removed filter conditions alternatives is possible in the usual way.

    If we expand the customer list of warehouse 2 and select the customer with code 7 the condition will be:

    When you create a submission for a row of a summary mission, the condition will suggest selecting only the data grouped in this row.


    The new submission will also get from the parent mission:

    But! You can change any suggested lists and conditions of the new submission.

    You can switch between missions in the same mission management window using the Next and Back buttons. The missions will follow in order of creation.

    You can also use the Gattaca window to raise any active mission window.

    If you do not specify a mission name, it will consist of the model template + filter condition. Mission name is displayed at the top of the mission management window and at the bottom of the Gattaca window.         Contents